Further background on Physics Pathway

The Physics Teaching Web Advisory (Pathway) is a new type of digital library for physics teaching. Combining Carnegie Mellon University's digital video library technology with pedagogical advances developed at Kansas State University and with materials contributed by teachers, Pathway goes beyond creating a collection of teaching and learning materials. Pathway’s Synthetic Interviews and searchable digital video library provide continuously improving assistance and expertise for physics teachers of all levels. Pathway builds on a unique collaboration between several longstanding research projects in digital video libraries, advanced distance learning technologies, collaboration technologies, and nationally known experts in physics pedagogy and high quality content.

Pathway builds on CMU's Informedia Digital Video Library work, particularly synthetic interviews and the Adobe Flash-based interfaces for accessing video libraries as used at www.idvl.org for oral histories. Synthetic Interview is a technology that creates an anthropomorphic interface into video of a person responding to questions. With Synthetic Interviews developed for Pathway, teachers are able to "converse" with knowledgeable experts on their classroom techniques and how those techniques are related to contemporary issues in physics teaching. Physics Pathway presents four master Physics teachers in a synthetic interview (SI) format to help with issues of teaching high school physics. Sets of physics video clips from award-winning videodiscs are included alongside the synthetic interviews. See the Pathway FAQ for more information on the teachers and physics clips.

References to the work include the following: